A black and white portrait of Stefanie, a white woman with long wavy hair and a black shirt, pants, and boots, sitting on a tall set of steps. Her hands rest on her knees and she stares into the camera.

Stefanie Hessler is a curator, writer, and editor. Her work focuses on ecologies (particularly ocean ecologies) and technology from intersectional feminist and queer perspectives. She is the director of Kunsthall Trondheim in Norway since 2019, and currently project co-leader (with Katja Aglert) for the research-based transdisciplinary exhibition “Sex Ecologies” in collaboration with The Seed Box environmental humanities collaboratory, and editor of the accompanying compendium on queer ecologies, sexuality, and care in more-than-human worlds (The MIT Press, 2021). Between 2020–22 Hessler is visiting research scholar at the Centre for Research and Education in Arts and Media at Westminster University in London, UK. She was Chief Curator of the 17th MOMENTA Biennale, titled “Sensing Nature” in Montreal, Canada (2021).





Photo by Brittany Nelson

Shift Space