Tao Leigh Goffe is a writer, professor, interdisciplinary artist, and DJ. She makes videos, sound sculptures, and installations that foreground digital tools as a way of critiquing overlapping European colonialisms and creating sonic kinship through technologies. Her works examine how metadata and other taxonomies function as colonial sorting tools attempting to segregate life. Goffe was born in London, United Kingdom, raised in New York City and New Jersey, and lives and works in Manhattan. She teaches at Cornell University. She received her PhD from Yale University and her bachelor’s degree from Princeton University. Goffe’s curatorial contributions have been made to exhibitions in venues including CCADI, Harlem; Sound and Vision, Hilversum, Netherlands; and Pen and Brush, New York. She is co-founder of the Diaspora Solidarities Lab, a Mellon Foundation funded initiative for transformative Black feminist digital and analog praxis. Goffe has given invited lectures on sound, technology, sexuality, and race at University of the West Indies, Yale University, Leiden University, University of Chicago, and the California College of the Arts.







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